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 Quotation and Contact information


What we need from you to provide a quotation:


1) Part information

a) CAD data, if available

i) Must be scaled 1:1 (drawn at 100% full size)

(1) Our CAD system strips out dimensions and annotations/notes when the file is imported. 

(2) We will design the shape of the bending blank around the form that is sent to us.  In other words, if you have CAD data with part dimensions that do not match with the actual “part lines”, we will not know it.  If you make any changes to the part after we have quoted it.  We need to be notified; otherwise we will make your parts from the last CAD data we received.

ii) Is the CAD file in English or Metric? We do not have any issue working with either measurement system; we do however need to know which measurement system the file was created in when we import it.

iii) Cad data should be for the net (finished machined) part. Note: we need the complete part file, Our system is year 2010 vintage.

(1) If we know what your net part looks like, it will help us to provide you with the best bending blank for your application.  We will make the bend blank as small as possible to save material and your machining time.

(2) Your estimated bend blank size may need to be adjusted to work with our equipment.

iv) File Formats that we can import; from most to least preferred:

(1) 3D IGES: (*.igs or *.iges)

(2) 3D ACIS:  (*.sat)

(3) 3D STEP AP204/213:  (*.stp, *.step)

(4) 3D Parasolids: (*. x_t or *.x_b)

(5) If yoou cannot export in a preferred format, please contact us.

(5) If you cannot provide a 3D CAD file we may be able to work with a *.dxf or *.dwg

a) Line length must be true size see: 1) a) (2).

b) Part must be drawn in a true view (only applies to 2D drawings)

(6) We do have a FTP site to accept very large files, please contact us for access to it if necessary. Most CAD files up to 12MB can be sent to us by email.

b) A fully machined part.

i) We would appreciate a fully machined part (does not need to be cosmetically salable) regardless of any other information provided.

ii) A finished part removes any and all confusion on what is required.

c) We can work with an overlay plywood pattern if that is all that is available.

        i) We would greatly prefer something more substantial than a paper or cardboard cut out.

d) A full size line drawing is also acceptable as long as the views are true.

e) For simple radius bends you may use our dimension conventions and call us.

2)Please provide the following information in your quote request email:

        A) What species would you like your parts made out of?

        B) It is helpful if we also know how many parts you plan on ordering at a time.

        C) Any other special requirements or expectations that you may have.

What we can provide after we have quoted your part:
We will be happy to supply you with CAD data with your net part nested inside of our blank as an assembly.  This eliminates any issues on how you need to locate the bent blank to make the finished part, saves you time on the CAD station, and helps to ensure that the revision level is up to date.  The only issue is that the CAD data will not show any compression of the bend blank incurred during manufacturing.  Please see section: 2.8 Compression.


DO NOT contact us regarding appraisals of furniture produced by the Original Michigan Chair Company. We are NOT furniture appraisers. We have no idea what your furniture may be worth. We have not produced furniture, or machined parts since 1970.
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