PLEASE DO NOT contact us regarding appraisals or for more information about the furniture produced by Michigan Chair Company. WE are NOT furniture appraisers. We wish that we had more information to share, but this is all the information that we currently have. We have not produced furniture, or machined parts since 1970.


Michigan Chair Company is a custom solid hardwood steam bending company primarily marketing to both residential and contract furniture manufacturers. Michigan Chair is a business to business company; our customers range from large multinational companies to single person studio furniture makers. Customer satisfaction is always a priority at Michigan Chair Company, and we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs and requirements. We specialize in high quality steam bending to your specifications with a fast turnaround time.


The Michigan Chair Company name has been in existence for over 130 years. Over its history, it has made a variety of furniture and furniture parts. It has also gone through a number of different ownerships.


Michigan Chair Company began in 1883 in the village of Grand Ledge Michigan by Henry S. Jordan, Thomas F. Garratt, and Edward Crawford. The plant burned down 3 years later, Jordan and Garrett moved operations to Grand Rapids, incorporating in 1890. Initially they produced inexpensive furniture, but by 1900 were marketing a line of Mission style furniture. Like many companies at that time, they were vertically integrated with their own dry kilns, power plant, and even had its own showroom. After the labor strike of 1911, full capacity in the manufactory was between 400 to 450 workers. Their catalog by this time included over 1500 chairs in the popular styles of the time. Later they produced chairs of various period revival designs distinguished by a high degree of carving. By the 1930’s they were making Art Deco furniture, but went out of business in 1938 probably due to the depression.


Michigan Chair Company was reincorporated by Albert Kuiper in 1946 in Grand Rapids, as a much smaller company. They produced some Adams style reproductions, but mostly high style Italian chairs. They were the OEM of chairs for Kindel Furniture Company. The chair making division was sold to Kindel Furniture Company in 1970, and Michigan Chair Company remained in business as a contract solid wood bending company. In 1972 Michigan Chair Company moved its operations to Howard City MI. Albert Kuiper died in 1980, and his son-in-law Robert Hoolsema purchased the company. After 20 years of ownership, he sold it to his sons Robert Jr. and Timothy in 2001.


With the numerous changes of ownership and location, catalogs and other information have been lost. Please visit our Historical Gallery Page to view albums and downloadable files we have made available.


The Public Museum of Grand Rapids may be an additional source for information.


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We have posted all of the information in our possession for your research. We will not acknowledge nor respond to any inquiries about furniture that you have. We do not repair or offer replacement parts for furniture. We do not know the values of any furniture that you may have, nor can we provide an appraisal of it. A furniture appraiser or an antique dealer is your best options for an appraisal.


Please view the galleries for information regarding Michigan Chair Company's early 1900 furniture edition. We have created these galleries and .pdf files for your convenience.


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Download PDF files of this catalog here:


Download PDF files of this catalog here:



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